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BRAN is the name of a mythological Irish figure who, accompanied by a group of like-minded people, started a journey in search of the earthly paradise. After a long and tiring trip, BRAN and his friends finally found this small paradise: a beautiful island where they hung out for a very long time.

I would like to invite YOU to join me on a journey! Paradise on earth might be out of reach, but I, together with a team of 5 HR specialists, can help you to create a professional environment where it feels good to work and thrive. We ensure a perfect match between employees and employers, based on personal skills and values.

Good recruitment is essential, keeping the company going and growing is a must. Our knowledge reaches far beyond recruitment. We strive for optimal results with every change a company or an individual encounters in its professional life: a promotion, a shift in responsibilities, a professional adjustment, a merger, a training or a resignation. Our positive collaboration can be based on these changes, with the greatest respect for the individuals involved.

Personal approach

Every employee is unique and is treated as such.


Reliable network

To realise your goals, I’m not on my own.


30 years experience

My career, 30+ years of experience.


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30 years experience

My career, 30+ years of experience.



Thank you again for all your support over the last 6 months!! Your professionalism and calmness in a difficult situation has been exemplary and in particular I am grateful to you for taking over and completing the Social Elections process.
Dane BattOrange Business Services HR Services International Europe - North (UK, Ireland, BeNeLux & The Nordics)

How can we help you?

Coaching, Training and Development

Coaching is useful to better function in a professional role, to capture the essentials and priorities and to work towards promotion or to go through the process of demotion. Next to ‘coaching’, ‘communication training’, ‘leadership training’, ‘public speeches’, ‘competency based interviewing’ and ‘stress reduction’ are just a few examples of the type of training sessions that we offer. Moreover, we design complex training plans for groups where needed.


After a thorough intake meeting, we look for the right person for your vacancy. We search for candidates that not only have the right technical competencies, but also the right set of soft skills. We ensure a great fit between the employee’s personality and your company’s culture.

Interim management

Is someone absent in your HR department for a long and/or (un)expected time? We offer an intermediate solution: several HR professionals in our networks work as full time interim managers.

Compensation & Benefits

We believe that your employees are your most precious capital. Through the combination of years of experience in HR, we are completely up-to-date with the Compensation & Benefits possibilities. We can analyse the packages that you offer and cut your costs without decreasing the benefits that your employees receive. This will allow you to incorporate new or different benefits.

For each succesful project, we donate!

INTI SISA is an educational project that organises workshops in the centre of Guamote and in some indigena communities.